Docker 命令 #

docker ps #

docker ps vs docker container ls #

Management Commands vs Commands

Docker 1.13+ introduced grouped commands to help organize a bunch of Docker commands. Both commands do the same thing.

For example docker container ls is the new way to do docker ps.

Sure it’s more typing, but it’s a lot more clear on what it does. Likewise, now you can run docker image ls, docker network ls or docker volume ls. There’s consistency across all of these commands.


docker attach vs docker exec #

$ sudo docker attach 665b4a1e17b6 #by ID
$ sudo docker attach loving_heisenberg #by Name
$ root@665b4a1e17b6:/#

$ sudo docker exec -i -t 665b4a1e17b6 /bin/bash #by ID
$ sudo docker exec -i -t loving_heisenberg /bin/bash #by Name
$ root@665b4a1e17b6:/#
  • docker attach isn’t for running an extra thing in a container, it’s for attaching to the running process.
    • attach 只有一个实例
  • docker exec is specifically for running new things in a already started container, be it a shell or some other process.
    • exec 可以启动多个




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