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zsh < <(curl -s -S -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/moovweb/gvm/master/binscripts/gvm-installer)


$ gvm listall
$ gvm list
$ gvm install go1.15
$ gvm user go1.15
$ gvm uninstall go1.15

# 使用二进制安装
$ gvm install go1.15 -B

$ gvm install -h
Invalid version: -h
Usage: gvm install [version] [options]
    -s,  --source=SOURCE      Install Go from specified source.
    -n,  --name=NAME          Override the default name for this version.
    -pb, --with-protobuf      Install Go protocol buffers.
    -b,  --with-build-tools   Install package build tools.
    -B,  --binary             Only install from binary.
         --prefer-binary      Attempt a binary install, falling back to source.
    -h,  --help               Display this message.

$ gvm help
Usage: gvm [command]

  GVM is the Go Version Manager

  version    - print the gvm version number
  get        - gets the latest code (for debugging)
  use        - select a go version to use (--default to set permanently)
  diff       - view changes to Go root
  help       - display this usage text
  implode    - completely remove gvm
  install    - install go versions
  uninstall  - uninstall go versions
  cross      - install go cross compilers
  linkthis   - link this directory into GOPATH
  list       - list installed go versions
  listall    - list available versions
  alias      - manage go version aliases
  pkgset     - manage go packages sets
  pkgenv     - edit the environment for a package set

GOPATH 被篡改 #

everytime i login my zsh. my GOPATH is /…/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.9/global.

gvm use system
gvm pkgenv
<edit as required>
gvm use system --default




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